Saturday, June 2, 2012


Current Number 1 Geekery:
Spoek Mathambo "Control"
This is Spoek Mathambo (from Sub-Pop Records) doing a Joy Division cover: "Control". My awesome roommate Joey showed me these guys and I'm super excited for Capitol Hill Block Party to see what comes out of this live! I cannot help but dancing non-stop!

Buraka Som Sistema "Hangover (Bababa)"
You will be singing the chorus to this all week now.

Buraka Som Sistema song you can download for free - "Hypnotized" -- their ENTIRE album 'Komba' is quite incredible and worth picking up immediately. Every track is a great one:
FREE MUSIC MONDAY: Hypnotized - Buraka Som Sistema by Annie Mac Presents

I don't know much about Maga Bo. But I've heard him on KEXP (Seattle 90.3 FM)'s Tuesday evening shows check out this remix put out on his SoundCloud:
Mago Bo "Ransom (Timeblind Remix)"
Ransom (Timeblind Remix) by MAGA BO
OR check out the video for it too:

And to keep you dancing in or out of your seat:
A-Trak "Duck Sauce - Big Bad Wolf"
  Duck Sauce - Big Bad Wolf by A-Trak
A-Trak will be at Decibel Festival here in Seattle at the end of September. SUPER excited for that!

Moving onto something a bit different. Found out about this guy from NPR's 'All Songs Considered' music blog -- lead singer of The Books...this is from his new solo album:
Zammuto "Too Late to Topologize"
06 Too Late To Topologize by zammuto

Check out what Damon Albarn (Blur/Gorillaz) and Flea (Red Hot Chili Peppers/Atoms for Peace) have been up to: a new band called Rocket Juice and the is a song featuring Erykah Badu:
Rocket Juice and the Moon "Shooter (ft. Erykah Badu)"
Rocket Juice and the Moon - Shooter (ft. Erykah Badu) by wearepartyanimals

How about some local Seattle? -- this guy will also be at Capitol Hill Block Party!
Slow Dance "Goldust" is something great that comes to mind:

THEESatisfaction -- another local band from Seattle -- check this ish out:
Try not to dance too hard with that one. SO damn groooooovy

OK and onto another sick band that's gonna be at Capitol Hill Block Party -
ONUINU -- I dunno a thing about them. But this song is great and a cool video to go with it!

And moving onto some amazingly slick stuff my best friend Robin showed me -
SLUGABED with this great track and TRIPPY video "Quantum Leap":

And then we move onto something that I totally listened to WAY too much when I first found the album -- Wevie Stonder's 'The Bucket' -- it is so amazingly amazing and it's like the British please check out some of my favorite songs --- and then buy his entire discography:
Wevie Stonder "The Bucket" and then "Small People"
WOW. Now weren't those incredible? Hopefully with Ween broken up, Wevie Stonder will come back outta the woodworks!

Oh and I forgot about this -- which I also found through All Songs Considered:
Mati Zundel "Senor Montecostes"

And SUPER excited for Diplo at Block Party with this song!!!:
Diplo "Express Yourself (ft. Nicky Da B)"
To read more about Nicky Da B's genre "Sissy Bounce" and this awesome genre of bounce artists and their transgender/queer/ambiguity empowerment check out this: Sissy Bounce deets and examples
Otherwise...check out this awesome video of his:
Nicky Da B "Hot Potato Style"

I'm really loving Major Lazer's new track with the lead singer of Dirty Projectors...its not crazy insane dancey like his other stuff (watch Major Lazer's "Pon de Floor")...but it is beautiful and chill and will be amazing remixed with allll his other stuff:
Major Lazer "Get Free (ft. Amber of Dirty Projectors)"
-- So Major Lazer is Diplo + Switch....Well it WAS until early 2012 and now its just'll be interesting to see how the Diplo performance is different from the Major Lazer one.

Wow and a huge thanks to Cus for introducing me to this:
Azealia Banks "212 (ft. Lazy Jay)"

Switching it up from super dancey and new but I want to share these new finds...Damon Albarn made an album 8 years ago called 'Mali Music' which is blowing me away with its diversity, and as my roommate Joey pointed out...the restraint of visibility Damon shows in it is wonderful:
Damon Albarn and Afel Bocoum "Sunset Coming On" (live)

DJ Elephant Power -- dubstep from Brussels Jeff introduced to me:
DJ Elephant Power "DJ Elephant Power mix" (this is like an hour...but TOTALLY worth it)
DJ ELEPHANT POWER mix by Dj Elephant Power

Wow. and I didn't think I was gonna find anything for Sun OK Papi K.O., something awesome Jeff also introduced me to...this guy goes under many different aliases...
Baleine 3000 "Omoomo"

I found this amazing new gem of a song -- Datsik & Diplo together!:
Diplo & Datsik "Pick Your Poison (ft. Kay)"

ENJOY!!! lemme know if you need anymore information/links/files!
Much love and eargasming...I need to go clean mine out now!


  1. I like that you are up on NPR!¡! Awesome resource for fresh sound :)

  2. Thanks Jake! Yeah, the All Songs Considered podcast is an amazing one! ALWAYS fresh things I'm finding there!