Monday, June 4, 2012

Why Don't You Know?

-- from podcast 'Risk!' 

Skip the Use  - from the same podcast. Cute. Different than my normal taste. but cute.

This is MIND BLOWINGLY great!:
Professor Kliq -- listen to each track on new album 'Curriculum Vitae' -- Try listening to "All Control" and not wanting to dance!

This isn't really my thing. It is pretty adorable and catchy by the end of it...but maybe you'll like this more than me?:
Papa Topo:

Well now! check this out:
Gel-Sol "The Stallion 3000" 
- This guy took 70 diff clips of Ween songs to make this. Um. yeah.

This existing in Seattle is SUPER awesome:

Video streaming by Ustre Perfect amount of nerdery for me! "Monster Planet is a live improvisational, experimental, ambient night featuring local musicians, visual artists, and rotating guests with a random Sci-Fi / Horror B-Movie." Who's going to Can-Can with me next time?!

And check this band out! Just played at Sasquatch here -- but he's coming to a town near you (in the states) -- and it sounds like a dance party fun timesapalooza!
Electric Guest:

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