Sunday, November 13, 2011

October 25th -- Monkey/Jamie Lidell/Bjork/Portishead/Gotye/Little Dragon/Jahon Brown, etc.

Giving the band Monkey a first listen right noiw. At this point, I’ve completely forgotten who or why I’ve found this and can only assume and hope its some Gorillaz side project. Ah yes, just remembered I believe it’s a soundtrack for a movie Damon did…it’s very…Asian and backgroundy…not a lot of substance.

Found a new obsession – Jamie Lidell’s ‘Multiply Additions’ – the original album, itself, is amazing and I love listening to it…but the remixes (THAT FINALLY FINISHED DOWNLOADING) really are incredible and worth a listen to everyone.
I also finally finished downloading his album ‘Jim’ and really love it too…so check all of his things out, if you never have!
I was trying to see if he’s touring anytime soon, and saw he’s doing a “Compass” tour – so I don’t know if this is a new album or new project he’s doing…but I kinda ran up dry whilst searching for this on my music download sites….
I also read on his website that he did something with Beck – I don’t know if that’s the Oar album I had (I was only half paying attention to his website), but I still really LOVE that collaboration Jamie, Beck, Feist, and Wilco did…definitely check out “Lawrence of Euphoria” – super fun!

Saw Portishead this week and it was wonderful. Very great to be so close to Beth Gibbons – what a goddess! As expected, they played a lot off of ‘Third’ – but the amazing part was their old songs. They just have SO much depth and soul and layers to them, something I don’t see as easily in their new stuff. The drops that the DJ did during the old songs – like “Mysterons” and “Cowboys” HEAVY DROPS– “Glory Box” had an AMAZING guitar solo and our view of him was phenomenal…in general the percussion player that is also the DJ was phenomenal and pulled out some amazing unexpected things…PLEASE GO SEE THESE GUYS! They played their new song “Chase the Tear” which was cool, and I had no idea existed until then! – just listening to studio version of this now and enjoying the more fast-paced beat it has compared to ‘Third’’s droning, sleepiness – there is also another track called “Requiem for Anna” on here that’s pretty different than any other sound I’ve heard from them…Heavily mixed vocals. Excited for them to have a new album and see just where they’re going to keep evolving to!

Been checking out Bjork’s new album slowly (as I only have it on FLAC and have to listen whilst at the computer thru VLC) – I REALLY love “Thunderstorm” and the break beats at the end of “Crystalline”

My friend Ashley showed me Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used to Know” song which I EXTREMELY love – super cute and the video is amazing as well….Against her recommendation, I downloaded the album, and I have found a few songs I’d recommend “Smoke and Mirrors” is unique for sure.

I FINALLY got Little Dragon’s furst full album from my roommate Jahon and am giving it a good listen now! Her voice is incredible!

And speaking of Jahon….he gave me his album ‘The Medulla Transmissions’ and I am OH SO EXCITED to give it a proper headphones listen! From what I heard the other night in the car, I am SO excited – he is very talented vocally and producing! It’s so weird to listen to a friend’s voice in a song…a voice you hear every day…most of my friends aren’t vocalists, so I’m not used to hearing someone I interact with’s voice on headphones in my brain…it kinda fucks with ya a bit. Wow the harp on “I’ve known the garden” is magical and all encompassing! “Pilgrim’s Progress” is definitely my favorite and has SO MUCH potential to be a large hit if he’d ever convince himself that he could! Also check out “Ghost in the Machine” haunting and soothing at the same time.

Current downloads:
Justice’s new album
Portishead’s “Chase the Tear”

Here's some links for YOU to download!!:

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