Sunday, November 13, 2011


Here is a list of recommended GET IMMEDIATELY! (I can't stop listening):

- Amon Tobin's 2011 'ISAM' album (check out the last post for a listen to "Mass&Spring")
  • Heavy electronica -- reminiscent of Aphex Twin; love this SO much as an entire album, but keep getting "Kitty Cat" stuck in my head and keep repeating "Journeyman", "Night Swim", "Mass & Spring", and "Piece of Paper"
- St. Vincent's 2011 'Strange Mercy' album
  • I think this sounds like if Bjork made a more rock album instead of her new ethereal album
- Imogen Heap's new singles -- "Propeller Seeds" (this is the only one I could find to download for free...but there's "Neglected Space" "Minds Without Fear" if you wanna download them from her site!) -- grab a pair of over-the-ear headphones and strap down for a "3D" experience!

Jill Scott's 2011 'The Light of the Sun' album
  • This album is beautiful and sexy as hell!! Check it out and make love to it!
OTHER NEW THINGS FROM 2011 I'm not obsessing about just yet, but F'in Rock!

David Lynch's 2011 'Crazy Clown Time' album
  • Dark, ethereal and a little bit weird (digging the voice on "So Glad" and the whisperiness of "Noah's Ark" and the robotness of "Strange and Unproductive Thinking" -- so similar to "Fitter, Happier" by Radiohead) -- pretty much what you'd expect from David Lynch...although this deserves much more attention I shall give it here soon!
Mr Oizo's 2011 'Stade 2' album
  • Solid new electro-dance brought to you by Ed Banger Records. I enjoyed "Camelfuck" for the song, as well as the title.
Feist's 2011 'Metals' album
Borgore's 2011 'The Filthiest Hits...So Far' album
  • Filthy filthy dubstep and DnB from Borgore -- check out "Nympho", "Ice Cream", "Glory Hole", and of course two of my fav songs  -- "Sunsets" feat. Diplo and "Foes" remixed by the fabulous 16Bit
  • Download the album here! (not torrent)

Miro Belle's 2011 'Kiss This (Vol. 1)' album
Tom Waits' 2011 'Bad as Me' album
  • Haven't given this a thorough enough listen...but it's Tom can you go wrong? I'm excited to give this more of a listen
  • Download the .rar right here!
I also downloaded Jay-Z and Kanye West's new 2011 album 'Watch the Throne' finally...deciding they deserved some attention -- but...after listening to it (granted, its on .flac played thru VLC) it's sounding quite flat...and...nothing too special.

Sigur Ros' 2011 ' Inni' album -- haven't checked it out yet...but for those of you who didn't know it's available

The Cool Kids' 2011 'When Fish Ride Bicycles' album -- i'm 4 songs in...and honestly...not loving this at all like their first album which was SO catchy and amazing! -- at suggestion of a friend, I'll check out their solo work. BOO.
^GODDAMN i miss their old stuff!^

Portishead's EP I downloaded 'Chase the Tear' (tech. from 2010)-- came with "Requiem for Anna" and "Chase the Tear" -- nice and dark and much more complex and upbeat than 'Third' in general. CHECK IT OUT!


My roommate just turned me on to the band The Blow -- and I've heard one song and REALLY dug it and thus I've downloaded 3 of their albums...check out "True Affection" -- great song...indie rock - cute female vocalist and minimalist synthy beats in the background

oh...and I downloaded Stephen Malkmus & Jicks' album 'Real Emotional Trash' and...really disliked it...I can understand why some people might like it...but I could not get into it.

I checked out Diplo's album 'Florida' which I totally love and if you love Diplo/Major Lazer/or electronica in general...check it out!!

As always.....BUY ALBUMS if you can! Support Artists!


  1. I'll try and find links to some of these albums for download for everyone!

  2. Kaela (1/2 of the blow) = f'n amazing -- weird, bubbly, sparkling-alien-girl music-soul. If you haven't you might check her vid's, she's got fun smiley-spoken-word-Seattle-sessions on the tubes. Stopped by to check your thoughts-on-music via OKC link, will be hunting down Tobin's new album tonight. Thx for sharing brain-food on the ear-food + please keep on ;)