Thursday, March 5, 2015

Vulnicura - Bjork's new orchestral masterpiece

She should be the new voice of a Ferngully movie.

Her environmental stewardship empowering lyrics blended with deep orchestral beauty entrance the listener.

The lyric "mutual coordinate" in the track "Stone Milket" sounds TOO much like "mutual core" from Biophilia...which has similar string lines and tone as well.

"Lion Song"is very different. Percussive syncopation mixed with syncopated vocals on triplet beats and strings as well. The dissonance on this intrigues me to give this song another immediate listen. And then into industrial/electronic beat with noodling vocal Bjorkness.

So "Black Lake" at 10:04 is an epic song that led me through every emotion and range. I see that the guy (Andrew Thomas Huang) who directed the "Mutual Core" video", directed a short film called "Black Lake". So I should check that out. (here's The Trailer)* I also really enjoy This Billboard article, focusing most exclusively on vitriol lyrics and raw emotions of "Atom Dance".

"Family" is similar in that I feel halfway through it breaks form completely into a different song...."song"...piece of music, is a better way to put it. By the end I was so engrossed, I couldn't remember what I had started listening to.

"Not Get" will be the best to dance tribally and intensely to. This will throb through your whole body as you stomp and swing your arms.
She makes my brain dance and my heart throb.
Such depth of layered sound that go in waves over the dancing and throbbing.
This is the one I'd show your friends.

"our hearts are coral reefs in low tide; love is the ocean we crave" - WOW what beautiful lyric from "Atom Dance".
WHOA. Male harmony (feat. Antony Hegarty (of Volta and CocoRosie) on "Atom Dance" just blew my mind apart. Blends SO well with Bjork's but adds a new change we rarely hear her do (harmonizing with anyone but herself).
This Guardian Article says that Bjork and her longterm partner Matthew Barney  were going through a breakup (which Wikipedia says the was in 2013) during the recording of this album and are calling this her "typical breakup pop album" and this song is a part of a major changeup of tone of the album.

I like complex. and "Quicksand" was too much for me. What a way to end the album. Her going through a breakup during the making of this and then just ending like that!? wow. Left in major turmoil. (I just Wikipediaed this album to make sure I wasn't missing a track. Yes. it ends in chaos. Just how a relationship leaves your heart and brain and life...)

*wow after hearing she was going through a breakup and then watching that. ouch. wow. she's hurt and broken.

FKA Twig's producer (Arca) produced this new album :) -- NSFW: Arca "Thievery" Official Video

The Haxan Cloak (who's only other album he/they? produced was for a band called The Body ( an American sludge metal band formed in 1999 in Providence, Rhode Island")) also produced this album?? - Here's The Haxan Cloak's "Raven's Lament"

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