Wednesday, May 11, 2011

'Gloss Drop'in complex synapses and 'W H O K I L L E D' killin it!!

Battles is about to drop a new album titled Gloss Drop (avail. June 6).
They definitely live up to their sound and just magnify it even more from their debut album Mirrored. With Mirrored I always skipped one song "Ddiamondd" because I never felt it fit with the flow of the album. "Atlas" should just flow into "Tonto".
Anyways, just LOVING the flow and each song of Gloss Drop so far. I feel Cloud Dog (local to Lawrence, KS) has been influenced so much by this band, except they are achieving SO much more because their drumming is almost entirely live (the body paint doesn't hurt either!) The complexity of beats from Mirrored is seen in this album as well. Wonderful and interesting. My brain hops back and forth with synapses.
Just in case you were wondering, this album DOES get heavy for those of you who like that kind of thing...I just found "Ddiamondd" jarring. "White Electric" from this album is heavy without being annoying. The last track "Sundome" is definitely my favourite song off this new album!
Give this album a listen! AWESOME! (still nothing as catchy as "Atlas" though. Pure GENIOUS)
*watch this video for the track "Ice Cream":

NOW something my mother has been bugging the crap out of me to listen to for months and I have for no other reason than not making the time to find this album online, have not checked it out...(and unfortunately had to miss them playing in Seattle due to working over the weekend....NO MORE WEEKENDS AFTER THIS ONE!)... The Tune-Yards' 2011 album W H O K I L L

Ok...just the opening of this album so far tells me my mom (as usual) is incredibly right. The complexity and awesomeness of this band is very unique! Just a quick search on Wikipedia revealed this: "When performing live, Garbus creates drum loops on the spot, and layers these with ukulele, voice, and electric bass (played by Nate Brenner)". I am impressed highly! Wikipedia also told me a live sax section will join them for their 2011 tour...if only they were here in two weekends in Seattle! (and unfortunately if you are in Lawrence you missed them as well....)...anyone else -- Check them out ASAP! It's got some funky awesome beats with a sexy lounge singer voice on top of it with sampling going on in the background.
I can barely handle how amazing this second track is:
I am a sucker for bari sax.
Right. Not even going to keep describing anything I'm hearing. It is indescribable. You must listen NOW ("Riotriot" is nothing like I've heard!).
And for their single "Bizness"'s music video:
Still just floored by this band and their talent! This music video is super awesome and really fun and it reminds me of Fever Ray meets Bjork. EXACTLY my thing!

This is their second I will now be finding their first album to check out their roots...but WOW for what's happening right now! WOW!

*I see they toured with Buke and Gass...a very weird, eclectic band I found out about from a shorts off a podcast from an NPR science podcast (Radiolab) I listened to where they needed music for the sound of tapeworms or and it didnt work but they liked their sound so much they needed to do a short portrait on them....anyways...I'm trying to find Buke and Gass (Bass ukele and a guitar/bass I believe??) now. Very unique...They have a new album Riposte I cannot find...found some .flac called +/- so I'll download that and check it the meantime, give 'em a listen here at their bandcamp, I think you'll enjoy it ALOT!:*

~ I'll be honest -- I am not into Fleet Foxes from what I've heard, I'm open to being persuaded otherwise...just not my's why I'm not reviewing it...but maybe you should check the band out? ~

** Currently downloading: Panda Bear's 2011 album Tomboy
                                            new track by Datsik and Bare "King Kong"
                                            DJ Shadow's 2011 "I Gotta Rokk" EP
                                            Zombi's 2011 album Escape Velocity
                                            Dumbo Gets Mad's 2011 album Elephants at the                                            Door**

--- I'm always on the lookout for awesome new, cool, kid-friendly music to play here over the PA at my job as I am SICK AND TIRED of Justin Bieber and Katy Perry and shitty pop bands from the 90s....please help if you know of anything appropriate for 4th-8th graders that isn't going to drive me bonkers! ---

PS: SordoMusic....Accent on the Music

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