Thursday, February 17, 2011

Luvvy Dubby

My brain has been oozing out of my ears all day as millions of dubstep songs have scrambled it to a pulp with a chopstick made of dank, dirty, wompy wubbles  
Jakes -- "Justice"  Ok. I made the best discovery today. I was watching YouTube videos and saw what I thought was a new Justice song...but it turned out to be a dubstep artist called Jakes. I am just BLOWN away by this DJs' womp ability! From there I went on a many many many hour dubstep-listening and researching day! I've been trying to find a Jakes album somewhere online, but have yet to come across it. I've found a few tracks here and there on dubstep compilation albums...but that's about it.
From there, things just got dirtier and dirtier -- check out these guys, I was so impressed I downloaded many a songs from them!:
Trolley Snatcha -- "The Future" 
This all started today with me looking up one of my favorite dubstep artists -- Men Imitating Machines (whom I believe my friend Marcais from Australia introduced me to) -- they're 2 dudes from Melbourne and they do live dubstep -- so they play a drum set and a bass. OH WOW. These guys completely blow me away: 
Men Imitating Machines -- "Live Jungle"  -- I feel this song reminds me of Squarepusher's Monkeydrummer from Chris Cunningham's Music Vid DVD at first with the drumming....but wait for that bass to come in around 1:06. OH WOW. Now this is not my favorite was one I had not seen/heard before...but check out their most popular and amazing one:
(couldn't get the video to upload, click the link below)
Men Imitating Machines -- "Cardboard Pajamas" -- I think these guys are SO great. Please check them out more -- and the really great thing is that I was in contact with them today, talking about how incredible their music is and how I want them to come to Seattle and they told me that if I can find bands to play with, places to play, etc. that they'll pay me for my troubles....and therefore I embark on the epic question:
Naturopathic Doctor or Music Promoter? --- or both? or which first?
Well..from M.I.M. I found some more amazing live Australian dubstep! -- from Byron Bay The Bird -- "Live Dubstep Sessions":
Ok...and there are a million other awesome new dubstep artists I found today, but those are the best and what I freaked out about (haven't been able to find downloads for The Bird besides one song...lemme know if you need links).
This is an incredible find. Jonny Uni Verse showed me Baths, and my hype has only continued as I was walking in Seattle one day and saw that they are playing at Chop Suey on March 1st. Baths -- Lovely Bloodflow
My reaction to seeing this video:   "oh dear god -- i just watched the music video for Baths' "Lovely Bloodflow" - OHHH MY GOD! This is SO good! Also -- its really reminiscent of White Flight, but I feel like its even more solid and refined and even a bit into the DnB. WOW." --- not to mention that this music video is UNBELIEVABLE! So I am currently downloading the 2010 Baths' album 'Cerulean' (And DING! It's done!)

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